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Our brand new, state of the art facilities have been designed to create a safe, nurturing, experience rich environment.


Our new and inviting classrooms are full of natural light and spacious enough to allow your child to move around freely and to feel comfortable while enabling our attentive teachers and assistants to keep an eye on them at all times.


We have various, well-sized, age-appropriate playgrounds, equipped with a variety of brand new sturdy structures, equipment and toys, to allow your child to learn by playing, running, climbing, riding bikes or engaging in imaginative play, while our staff oversee, and encourage play and co-operation.


We have also built a modern library and a media centre. We believe it is critical to foster a love of reading from an early age and have therefore filled our library with a variety of books that are educational and entertaining. Our media centre is equipped with mini-laptops and tablets loaded with the age-appropriate educational apps and software, which allows us to introduce technology appropriately, to ensure techno literacy, which is as crucial as reading and writing.


Our hall provides a generous space for play during bad weather, concerts, music lessons, educational talks and certain extra murals.


Our kitchen follows best practice in food safety preparation to ensure fresh delicious and nutritious meals for your child. To instill good habits and to ensure hygiene your child will have their meals in a separate dining area near the kitchen.


Early intervention to close developmental gaps has become critical for school readiness. For your convenience we have a therapy centre on our premises.  It houses therapists of various disclipines, such as speech and occupational therapy. These individual therapies are optional and are run independently by the therapists. You may contact the therapists directly should you require your child to have an assessment or attend therapy.


Our pupils have their own vegetable patch. They will be involved in planting and caring for their own sections and enjoying the fruits of their labour. We believe this is not only a great way to teach them about nutrition and where certain foods come from, but it provides a great opportunity to have fun, socialise and learn about nature.

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